Janice is a trusted Portfolio Manager

to high net worth conservative investors, small businesses, corporations, institutions, estates and foundations. She currently manages a multi-million dollar client base, customizing investment strategies to meet the individual needs for each of her clients.

Janice believes that each investor's needs are different and their strategy must reflect that uniqueness. In addition, she understands that preservation of capital is of paramount concern and can be best obtained with a well structured, diversified portfolio.

The process leading to financial independence usually begins with a complete review of your current and future life objectives. Everyone is different, with individual goals and life expectations. These objectives drive every decision made in regards to managing your wealth.

It is important to develop a customized investment strategy, matching expectations with what is realistic and comfortable for you in terms of risk. Janice often works in collaboration with a wide range of professionals in the legal, accounting and financial planning fields to meet her clients' specific needs and goals.

Together with Janice, you will regularly measure your success towards reaching your goals.
Janice's Commitment

  • Be accessible to you
  • Provide you with prompt, proactive, courteous service
  • Act only in your best interests
  • Help clarify your goals
  • Discuss all recommendations with you
  • Monitor your progress

Together we will create a roadmap for each stage of your life:

Create financial independence by investing diligently and prudently.

Ensure the funds that are here today will be here tomorrow by managing risk and protecting against inflation.

Have confidence that in retirement you will be able to afford to do the things you enjoy.

Ensure estate preservation and peace of mind by knowing loved ones are provided for upon death.