"Janice always makes time to answer our questions. She provides feedback when we come to her with investments ideas. She is also proactive in her recommendations of our investments. A STANDING OVATION!"
E.G. - Meaford

"I enjoy working with Janice and find her client service skills to be excellent. She returns calls and answers requests promptly. She has always acted with absolute professionalism and treated me with respect. I find her to be very accommodating and trust her to make the sound decisions necessary to manage my investment portfolio. I would highly recommend Research Capital and Janice, in particular."
A.F. - Concorde

"Janice has always listened to our concerns and taken into account our feedback and thoughts, ensuring what she does remains within our defined comfort levels. A prime example of this would be her understanding that as clients, we do not like investing in companies with heavy debt loads and as a result, she will point out this key metric when making suggestions. She has also been good at regularly updating us on our annual returns and whether or not we remain on track for our retirement goals. A tailored plan, regular updates and better transparency on costs makes it easier for us to recognize that we receive value for our money. It is also reassuring that we remain on track to meet our retirement goals."
AC - Mississauga

"Janice takes the time to explain our portfolio in terms that is understandable. Her patience, knowledge and communication skills are very valued."
GT - Toronto

"I have known Janice for over 9 years. She is as honest as they come. I trust her with all of my financial assets and have total confidence in her abilities. We served on a board of directors together for a number of years. This was where I first witnessed Janice's sense of integrity. Her approach to investing is for the long term, we don't trade securities often, and we have done very well. I pay competitive fees to Janice and receive superior service and returns. And aside from this, she is so easy and pleasant to work with. Anyone looking for an advisor who will work in their best interest and is also looking to grow their investments should meet with Janice."
N. B. - Toronto

"Janice is extremely professional and knows when to leave us enough room to make decisions without leaving things incomplete. We have faith that our financial plans will turn out for the better because of her."
C.P. - Toronto

"Janice has been a trusted investment advisor for several years now, during which time my humble portfolio has enjoyed above market growth. She is also, importantly, sensitive to her client's investment knowledge and comfort, always taking time to explain as much as is wanted or needed and is exceedingly personable, treating her client's as friends. I would recommend Janice without hesitation to anyone seeking informed guidance and a personal touch."
K.S. - Ottawa

"We decided to work with Janice because she offered a holistic approach, helping us craft a financial plan to achieve our goals over the long term including retirement savings, education planning for our kids and assessing our insurance needs. In addition to her professionalism and excellent service, we are also achieving superior financial results than with our previous broker."
S.J. - Toronto

"We have been working with Janice for many years, and our portfolio would not look the way it does without Janice's care and guidance. It's very comforting to have Janice as our financial advisor. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also takes the time to explain all of the options available and to put it in terms that we can understand."
C.W. - Mississauga

"Over the years that I have known Janice, I have put my trust in her and felt as if I can discuss anything with her. Taking into consideration that someone's finances are one of the most important possessions to entrust to someone, she has earned that honour and takes her role seriously and with great passion."
A.K. - Brampton, ON

"We have been clients of Janice's for nearly 7 years and we have been happy with our investment performance but we also appreciate the time she spends explaining our investment options and why she recommends what she does. She has always been very professional, but also treats us like friends and that is why we have referred several people to work with her."
F.S. - North York, ON

"Janice was recommended to me by three close and dependable friends and I have never regretted my decision to work with her. I appreciate her personable approach and making time to meet with me to discuss my immediate and future financial plans. I get a market update from her every business day which informs me of what's happening in the markets globally. The most important thing I want to emphasize in our relationship is that I trust her industry knowledge and I am confident that she puts my interests first when she makes suggestions on my investments."
S.A. - North York, ON

"Janice has all the training and qualities that make for an outstanding financial advisor. She has managed the investment of my savings for the past few years and I am delighted with the growth achieved under her supervision. She reviews my portfolio regularly, ensuring that the individual stocks and funds are still the right ones given their performance and my goals. If needed she makes changes on an analytical basis. I like that my investments are a mix of single stocks and mutual funds, which gives me greater diversity and opportunity. I have found Janice to be ethical and trustworthy. She listens respectfully and communicates in a pleasant and timely manner. I am so glad that I met Janice and that it is she who is working on my behalf."
L. S. - Cobourg, ON

"Janice has been my financial advisor for over 15 years. I find her to be very accessible, and easy to talk to about any of my concerns. She is prompt to follow up any of my queries regarding my accounts or any products in which I may be interested.
Under Janice's management my investments have been successful and stable and I would recommend her highly."
I.C. - King City, ON

"Janice has been our investment advisor for over three years. She created a customized long-term plan for our retirement years and we have been very pleased with the performance of our portfolio. Janice is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She understands our investment goals, she is accessible, easy to talk to and she really listens. We have great confidence in Janice and we would definitely recommend her as an investment advisor."
J.R. - Thornhill, ON

"One of the reasons that I chose to work with Janice is that I met her at a booth at the Zoomer Senior's Expo/Fair and we had a long chat at that time. I wanted someone who would patiently explain and answer my questions in language that I could understand. She did not pressure me. I accepted her invitation to come to her office to further discuss my personal finances and get her opinion. Her patience, enthusiasm and sincerity made me feel I could trust her to help me handle my hard-earned "nest egg" and maximize the returns. I appreciate her e-mails and comments."
R.B. - Mississauga, ON

"I first met Janice 13 years ago when she was with another financial institution and I came to know and trust her and have confidence in her decision-making regarding my investments. She always made me feel like I was her only client. When she told me she was moving to Research Capital, I had no hesitation in transferring my investments so that she could continue to manage my accounts. I have never had any doubt in her ability to manage my investments."
V.S. - Scarborough, ON

"Janice was referred to me by someone trusted in the industry. The depth of her knowledge and her meticulous attention to detail are only outmatched by her approachable, friendly demeanor. She instantly understood what my investment objectives were and quickly made some fantastic suggestions to fill in gaps in my strategy. In taking the time to understand my goals, she was able to provide me with portfolio recommendations best suited to my needs and realign my assets more appropriately without incurring additional expenses."
A.V. - Burlington