Janice's Investment Philosophy

Janice's strategy focuses on preserving capital, enhancing net worth and generating cash flow as needed. Careful attention is given to the tax features of all investments. Once identifying her client's risk tolerances and investment objectives, Janice creates a financial plan from which investment and estate planning decisions are based. The plan will change over time, as clients move from saving for retirement, to retirement, and then to succession planning. Janice helps corporations and small businesses identify and achieve their financial goals, structuring portfolios to help them manage cash requirements while allowing for growth in capital. Her focus is on risk minimization, income generation, and opportunities for capital growth. Janice invests others' capital as she does her own.

Client Testimonial:

"I have known Janice for over 9 years. She is as honest as they come. I trust her with all of my financial assets and have total confidence in her abilities. We served on a board of directors together for a number of years. This was where I first witnessed Janice's sense of integrity. Her approach to investing is for the long term, we don't trade securities often, and we have done very well. I pay competitive fees to Janice and receive superior service and returns. And aside from this, she is so easy and pleasant to work with. Anyone looking for an advisor who will work in their best interest and is also looking to grow their investments should meet with Janice." - Nancy B. Insurance Industry Executive