Janice Honeyman,

Portfolio Manager

Research Capital is an independent investment dealer - not the brokerage arm of a larger financial institution. We are a team of expert advisors and portfolio managers. We do not manufacture our own investment products and have no incentive to favour one investment product over another. We have access to virtually every financial product and money management solution on the Canadian market and other world markets, and we provide completely independent advice about what best serves your needs.

With over 80 years of experience, we have the stability and longevity for you to be confident that your investments are secure, with all of the experience and insight you would expect from a top-notch investment dealer, from advisors and portfolio managers who really understand your investment needs. We offer Private Client services to suit every kind of investor, offering both commission-based investment advice and fee-based portfolio management. The Research Capital name has become synonymous with leadership, security, trust and integrity. A reputation built over time and well earned.

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